How many times have you seen a blurry or misleading image make or break a potential showing or sell?
Eliminate that obstacle by hiring a professional with the skills and equipment who's committed to providing crisp, aesthetically pleasing, and unmanipulated imagery that will enhance your listing.
About ME
I am a local photographer, mother, wife, and now Realtor.  My photography business has been established since 2008 but over the last couple of years, I have shifted the focus from portraits to landscape, nature, and architecture.  My love of photography pushes me to obtain the best possible property image while ensuring the final product is not deceptive to our potential customers.  Being a Realtor allows me the opportunity to truly understand what other Real Estate Professionals require for their lising images so that the First Glance creates a lasting impression.
Currently, only ground images are available however additional services will be added in the future.  Final images will be delivered electronically via a onedrive file where you will be able to download your files.  You will have full release to use the images for MLS or any other advertising as necessary however, I will also retain the right to utilize all images in relation to my Real Estate Photography business.
Each listing will receive a minimum of 4 outside images of the subject property, 2 images of each bedroom, 2 of each additional room, and 1 for each bathroom and garage.
Standard turnaround for a vacant home is 4 days.  All other assignments will be contingent on occupant scheduling but no later than 72 hours after appointment date.  If property is occupied, it is YOUR responsibility to provide adequate contact information for scheduling as well as informing your customer to have the home clean, uncluttered, and ready to photograph.  
Prices start at $150 per listing
10% Discount for each listing with 5 or more assignments from same brokerage office.
$50 Booking deposit per listing
NON-REFUNDABLE unless canceled with 5 days written (email / text) notice.
You will receive notification of completion with a request for final payment.  After payment has been received, you will receive a link to your images along with a copyright release.