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Nita Hastings, born and raised in Florida, is a digital photographer whose broad subject base allows unlimited possibilities for others to view the world from her eyes. She developed an appreciation for the arts in general at an early age when she learned about drawing and poetry. As time progressed, she fell in love with the idea of freezing time through photography and has enjoyed utilizing traditional film processes to learn and create. For years, Nita has witnessed the rush of daily life and hopes that her work will allow others to fully discover the overlooked beauty of the world around us.

Nita works with a Nikon D750 and currently utilizes a professional printer to produce fine art products. Her images are individually processed and edited to enhance the natural beauty seen at the precise moment it was created. In the future, she hopes have the ability to produce them herself as well as a dark room that will expand the media and scope of her art.

Currently, Nita’s Fine Art Canvas and Metal prints rang in size from 11x14 - 20x24 and Metallic paper prints range from 5x7 -16x20. Paper prints over 8x10 will be mounted on styrene which is a rigid plastic material that is resistant to warping.

Each type of print will come with a Certificate of Authenticity showing the print number which is limited to 50 per print type.