My name is Juanita (Nita) Hastings and although there was always an interest, transitioning into the world of art became an outlet to cope with the upheavals of life.  Exposed to an unexpected, unfair, and life altering event, writing became the first form of art that allowed me to express feelings without judgement or conflict.  As the words flowed from mind to paper, a sense of relief followed in knowing that there was an escape from the pain.  While life moved on, each new experience created equally new words for writings that provided a glimpse into my innermost thoughts and feelings.  This new freedom became a safe haven and stepping stone into other aspects of art.

             With passing time came the realization that not only was writing therapeutic, so were many other mediums including photography, which I am actively pursuing.  To capture fleeting moments in time creates a sense of control among the uncontrolled and helps establish a balance within the chaos of life.  A personal goal is to remember art is  more than topographical concepts of the life others see, it reflects the essences of every life experience.   Combinations of heartache, love, joy, sadness, loneliness, success, and failure twisted into the fibers of our being become part of every work created. Through life encounters, new images manifest and my hope is that by showing others a personal perception of beauty and art in all that is endured, they will be able to see the world with new eyes.  

            As an artist, the simplicity of the chosen medium and form gives the ability to share how the world is perceived and in doing so, many images will contain very little edits or enhancements.  Moments in nature such as shimmers of light reflecting from water drops, colors swirled in the sky that appear as paintings, shadows that hide secrets, and all you see are inspiration.  If you view an image that seems to have no connection, look beyond the surface.  The work created originates from the idea that the beauty of art is that while an artist creates based on their personal perspectives and experience, an audience interprets based on their own.  


      I am a wife and mother who understands that children are unpredictable, moods change, and emergencies happen so when you book a session with me, we work together to create the best images possible.  My goal as a mother is the capture those fleeting moments of love, joy, and spontaneity but my goal as a professional is to create quality images that utilize the elements around us to compose the perfect shot.

      Just as each individual I work with is unique, the shoots are equally so and require parameters based on the particular situation.  For this reason, if you would like to know more about my services, I ask that you call me at 386-037-0170.  Please leave a message if I do not answer, I am a wife, mother, and student but I will get back to you.


God Bless